Benedikt Unold
Chief Technology officer, Comparis

Integrating Scandit technology to our Smartshopper app interlinks the physical product and the Smartshopper app. Thanks to the barcode functionalities, the app is convenient, user friendly and cool to shop with.

Starting Point

Starting out as an Internet comparison service for health insurance, has developed its portfolio from year to year and now offers a wide range of services not only on the web, but also in terms of mobile applications. To date users can download several apps from the Comparis website in order to compare mortgage rates, read about the latest property or used car offerings.

Comparis Smartshopper app

To simplify the lives of its daily users, Comparis wanted to build a dedicated app for shoppers. With the help of an integrated barcode scanner and selfmade templates, consumers are able to create intelligent shopping lists easily and efficiently. 

The app not only enables shoppers to find special offers and deals within Switzerland, but is also able to arrange shopping lists by store location. Consumers can browse through promotions and offers from popular Swiss retailers such as: Migros, LeShop, Coop, coop@home, Denner, Volg, Manor Food, Spar, Aldi, Lidl and others. Additionally, the app lets users access special product information, locate nearby and open stores, and customize the retailers they want information about.

Comparis Smartshopper app with
the Scandit barcode scanning technology

By integrating the Scandit barcode scanning SDK into the new Smartshopper app, Comparis was able to “bridge” the gap between physical products and their mobile app. 

For example, you can just scan the barcode of a yoghurt container to add it to your shopping list. In the upcoming release, the app will make it possible to access additional specialized information such as ingredients, nutrition labeling, country of origin and label of quality.

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