4 Easy Ways to Add Barcode Scanning into Any Fashion Retail Ecosystem

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The unprecedented pace of change in consumers behaviours, combined with the uncertain retail landscape, has forced fashion brands to put their foot down on the digital accelerator.

One proven technology helping fashion to reshape and digitize their store operations is barcode scanning enabled mobile apps on smartphones.

With this flexible technology employees can speedily complete a range of operational tasks on one powerful, yet cost effective device.  It also provides a future-proof platform to support new digital initiatives to handle what’s coming next.

Digital acceleration without disruption

But any new solution or employee app you deploy must seamlessly fit in with the existing systems. Further disruption is unacceptable, especially for business-critical tasks like inventory management or fulfilling online orders.

The reality is, most retailers possess a variety of systems and databases, including legacy apps.  Any new technology, solution or tools must be effectively integrated and able to communicate the right information (stock data for example) to the right people to optimize efficiency – and ultimately reduce support tickets!

With Scandit, we make it simple and risk free for retail IT teams to deploy enterprise-grade scanning.  Here we show four different methods for integrating Scandit into any application or ecosystem.

1. Integrate scanning into native mobile applications with Barcode Scanner SDK

If you want to deploy enterprise-grade barcode scanning, text recognition and augmented reality (AR) capabilities into a new or existing native mobile app, Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK delivers optimum scanning performance.  Integration is required, but our SDK is cross-platform for maximum reach and works on most operating systems, frameworks and 3rd party systems.

For empowering employees to complete any retail tasks, especially for scan-intensive retail tasks such as stock checks, it delivers:

  • Fast and accurate scanning to match any hardware scanner, even under challenging conditions (such as damaged labels or dark stock rooms) and ensuring battery life that will last any shift.
  • Ultimate flexibility to deliver the ideal UX to suit your workflows and workers – and Scandit can offer our extensive retail experience to help you tailor these for best results.
  • Enhanced computer vision based capabilities to boost efficiency, such as MatrixScan, AR and ID scanning.
  • Rapid integration, in as little as 4 weeks for existing apps.

2. Add browser-based scanning to web apps on any device with Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web

Web apps are frequently used in fashion retail operations, especially for stock management systems where employees will login via a web browser and then set about their tasks.

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web directly integrates into web apps to add scanning capabilities to any device with a camera.  It offers:

  • No set-up or app download needed by the end user.
  • Easy, rapid integration and configuration in hours with just a few lines of code.
  • Excellent scanning performance that is superior to other browser-based scanners, ideal for workflows that demand speedy single scanning.
  • An ideal solution for use cases where web apps need to access backend systems, such as stock management or product information lookup on the shop floor, integrating seamlessly with the likes of SAP/Hybris.
  • Hassle-free updates.  This web-based solution enables retailers to seamlessly push out updates to all devices, so when users log in they always access the latest version.

3. Integration not possible? Use our Keyboard Wedge

Sometimes it’s not possible to modify your app, for example when you are using a third party application. But with Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge you can add reliable and accurate barcode scanning capabilities without changing the app at all.

So stop typing and start scanning.  When you need to add scanning to legacy apps that can’t easily be changed, Keyboard Wedge is:

  • A turnkey solution that adds a barcode scanning button to the keyboard on a smart device.
  • An easy user experience, simply touch the scan button to scan barcode details into apps without integration.  Remove human error and add efficiency.
  • Ideal for internal 3rd-party apps such as Salesforce One, Oracle XStore for Mobile POS (version 16 and earlier) or other legacy apps.

4. Add barcode scanning and AR to web-based apps with no integration with Enterprise Browser

If you don’t want to or can’t modify an existing third party web app, such as IBM Sterling, Scandit Enterprise Browser adds powerful barcode scanning and AR capabilities.  No integration needed.

With no changes to existing systems, Scandit Enterprise Browser can be easily implemented across all scanning operations.  It delivers:

  • Top scanning performance with no changes to existing essential systems.
  • The ability to choose from a wide range of ergonomics. From starting the scanner with the push of a button, to scanning when a given field is available, Enterprise Browser allows for more clever scanning ergonomics on your website.
  • It can also support MatrixScan, which locates, tracks and decodes multiple barcodes at once. Ideal for scan intensive use cases.

With Scandit, it’s simple to implement barcode scanning on your applications

We understand the often complex environments in fashion retail and we offer this range of integration options to help make it simple to add Scandit’s enterprise-grade barcode scanning into your operations and applications.

In fact, some of our customers have deployed all four integration paths to deliver our top performance barcode scanning and other capabilities across different retail apps and use cases in their operations.  With Scandit, retailers are relieved from the burden of sourcing and managing multiple solutions for their diverse scanning needs.

We also partner with a range of best-in-class retail technology partners, including Keytree, New Black and Xenia, to ensure maximum simplicity and operability.

And in the unlikely event there are any issues, our enterprise-level support is on hand to assist you.

Why not talk to us about how you can enjoy the flexibility and efficiency benefits of smartphone scanning, without any integration hassles and with compatibility to minimize post-launch support.