4 Ways to Support Your Retail Ops With Scan-and-Go

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Scan-and-Go is a game-changing solution for today’s retail businesses. This technology allows customers to scan items as they shop, then complete the purchase on their own smartphones. Retail Scan-and-Go empowers customers to shop at their own pace, skip long checkout lines, and enjoy a more convenient retail experience overall.

Today, we’ll explore the many unique benefits of Scan-and-Go technology, including a few ways it can support your retail ops. Read on for more insight into how Scan-and-Go shopping works, as well as the cost-saving opportunities it can unlock for your retail enterprise.

How Does Scan-and-Go Retail Shopping Work?

Scan-and-Go apps let shoppers scan items with their smartphones, then complete their purchase either in-app or at a self-checkout lane. Customers simply open the app to scan products as they load them into their bag or cart, then pay directly through the app at checkout. Users can also generate a barcode via the app, then scan it at a self-checkout kiosk to complete their purchase.

Benefits of Scan-and-Go Retail Shopping

It’s Fast & Convenient

With Scan-and-Go, shoppers can avoid long cashier lines by paying in-app or at self-checkout. This supports fast, convenient, and frictionless shopping experiences that can flex to user preferences.

It’s Safe & Contact-Free

Scan-and-Go services keep retail customers and employees safe by minimizing human interaction, while ensuring speedy and simple checkout. This technology is a perfect solution to meet the growing demand for contactless shopping.

It’s Helpful

Scan-and-Go apps can show an exact list of scanned items, including individual and total pricing. This feature helps shoppers check their cart inventory at a glance, while ensuring each item is priced correctly and aligns with their overall budget.

It’s Highly Desired

Did you know that 60% of internet users worldwide would prefer to shop at other retailers if they offered an Amazon Go-like experience? Scan-and-Go is a powerful tool to set your stores apart from competitors and drive ROI.

It Provides Actionable Insights

What many don’t know about Scan-and-Go is that it can complement your retail operations software and systems. Your team can use a Scan-and-Go app to gain crucial intel on user behaviors and elevate its retail ops.

How Does Scan-and-Go Impact Retail Ops?

Now that we’ve covered the general benefits of Scan-and-Go, let’s review how this innovative solution enhances your retail operations specifically.

1. Clienteling

One of the most exciting parts of Scan-and-Go technology is its ability to capture and employ user purchasing data. Every time a shopper uses their Scan-and-Go app, they provide you with more insight into the items they love to buy. Your team can leverage these findings to establish long-term relationships with customers through clienteling and personalized messaging.

For example, you can deploy proximity-based ads to specific areas within each store to target shoppers. These adverts appear as in-app notifications to help users take advantage of great deals or discounts—based entirely on their individual purchasing data. In this sense, Shop-and-Go technology is one of the best ways to turn shopper data into real purchases and ROI.

2. Retail Store Design & Layout

Another core advantage of Scan-and-Go technology is that it reduces the need for customers to interact with cashiers and checkout kiosks. This provides an opportunity for retailers to adjust their store design to maximize selling space—while meeting the need for fast and streamlined checkout.

We’ve already seen leading retailers start this important trend. In September, Walmart announced an inspired store design to complement its app and Scan-and-Go tech. This redesign uses clean, colorful messaging to drive users to download and use the Walmart app. Walmart shoppers are encouraged to use Scan-and-Go to complete their orders while avoiding person-to-person contact at checkout.

The growing popularity of cashier-free retail also allows your stores to replace checkout lines and kiosks with more products. Your team can use this valuable floor space to maximize sales opportunities—while using new signage to support adoption for your in-store retail app.

3. Retail Customer Service

Scan-and-Go technology helps shift certain tasks (like scanning and cart loading) to the shoppers themselves, freeing up store employees to complete more important and valuable tasks. For example, store teams can redeploy their cashiers to provide meaningful customer service, such as helping shoppers find the best items for their unique needs.

Your retail business can use Scan-and-Go technology to reduce general labor costs, free up store associates, and reinvest their hours into better serving shoppers—from helping first-time app users to assisting with shelf management.

4. Retail Data Management

By providing invaluable user data, a Scan-and-Go app can directly support your merchandising and forecasting. Retail teams may use insights from the app alongside their retail operations software to understand which products and offerings are driving the business forward—and which need to be cycled out.

This combined retail data supports more strategic forecasting and demand planning. With a well-designed Scan-and-Go app, you could access these key user data with a single tap of a dashboard, putting transformative insights right at your fingertips.

Scandit Solutions for Scan-and-Go Shopping

Scandit’s Scan-and-Go solutions give your customers the combined advantages of e-commerce and in-store shopping. Our reliable data capture software works smoothly on any customer’s device—while providing unmatched scanning performance. Our barcode scanner solution delivers exceptional accuracy and speed, even in the most challenging scanning conditions. The result? A seamless Scan-and-Go shopping experience for every customer you serve.

Our Augmented Reality (AR) offerings create even more opportunities for your retail enterprise. Scandit’s AR functionality allows you to highlight product information based on profile and localization the moment a user scans its barcode. This technology even allows you to showcase the latest offers and promotions in-app, driving more purchases and ROI across Scan-and-Go shoppers.

Looking for more information on Scan-and-Go technology and whether it’s the right investment for your retail business? Then tune into our latest webinar on the topic, Why it’s Time for Scan & Go. This free resource will show you how to overcome the perceived barriers to Scan-and-Go, incorporate it alongside your retail operations software, and unlock its full long-term benefits.