Imperial Supplies Deploys Scandit Barcode Scanning Solution for Streamlined Customer Order Entry in Fleet Maintenance Shops

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Imperial Supplies Deploys Scandit Barcode Scanning Solution for Streamlined Customer Order Entry in Fleet Maintenance Shops

New Order Entry App Increases Mobile Purchasing 85% Year-Over-Year for National Distributor

San Francisco, California — October 06, 2015 — Scandit, developer of the leading software-based barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, today announced that Imperial Supplies, a major US distributor of quality fleet maintenance products, has launched Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning platform to help provide a streamlined order entry experience for transportation and wholesale customers across the United States, resulting in higher order frequency and increased mobile revenues for the company.

Imperial Supplies order entry mobile app leverages Scandit technology to drive efficiency

Imperial Supplies’ required a user-friendly, branded mobile app that put the entire product catalog at their customer’s fingertips for easy ordering. Because their customers had traditionally relied on barcode scanners to improve order entry efficiency, it was essential the Imperial Supplies mobile app incorporate a high performance scanning functionality to add items to orders. The goal was to provide customers with a way to place orders while walking through the maintenance shop—freeing them from having to submit orders from a desktop computer.

Customer requirements meant that the app’s barcode scanning feature had to provide equivalent performance to a dedicated scanner. Imperial Supplies’ customers frequently scan a variety of barcodes—on product labels, on product bins and EZ-Order catalogues and often in poorly lit areas of shops, meaning the barcode scanning solution had to perform accurately across various lighting scenarios in order to meet customer needs. With support for more than 4,000 devices and the ability to scan poorly lit, damaged, and blurry barcodes, Scandit was able to provide the enterprise-grade performance necessary to meet the environmental challenges facing customers.

A new mobile channel that increased order frequency and improved the customer experience

Today, Imperial Supplies has an easy-to-use, reliable mobile scanning feature that saves fleet maintenance customers time in the ordering process and allows them to better manage stock inventory levels. The app’s scanner complements the product search, browsing lists and quick add order features, enabling customers to find products in the way that works best for them. This has translated into greater customer satisfaction and year-over-year growth in mobile purchasing, up 84.9% in 2014 across both iOS and Android devices.

“Thanks to Scandit, we can offer customers a fast, reliable and easy-to-use integrated barcode scanner in our mobile app. This makes customers’ lives a lot easier by allowing them to create their orders on the go whenever they have a minute, ” said Nicole Alboushi, Imperial Supplies’ eCommerce Manager.

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