Latest Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS features Improvements to Optimize iOS 7 Performance

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Latest Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS features Improvements to Optimize iOS 7 Performance

Today we’re very excited to announce the latest release of our Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS!

The new release features a number of improvements that are designed to optimize the performance of our barcode scanner, especially on devices running iOS 7.

This release builds on the major improvements we introduced in v3.0.0, which for the first time, brought enterprise-grade barcode scanning to smartphones and tablet devices. The barcode scanner has amazing full-screen scanning capabilities, scans all major barcodes and works even at extremely skewed, pitched and tilted angles (including 360° scanning!). Topped off with a sleek scan screen, it offers a phenomenal user experience. Developers can download the Scanidt Barcode Scanner SDK 3.0.0 by signing up for a Scandit plan or by logging in today.

Here’s what’s new in Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK v3.1.0:

Better Autofocus Control: Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 3.1.0 takes advantage of the APIs in iOS 7 that allow for better control of the autofocus.

Better Blurry Barcode Localization: In 3.0.0, we introduced full screen barcode detection and decoding, but blurry barcodes were not always reliably detected when off-center. Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 3.1.0 provides a novel barcode localization algorithm that also detects blurry barcodes.

Better Blurry Decoding: In Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 3.1.0, we improved the scan performance with fixed focus cameras, e.g. the iPad3’s front-facing camera.

New Demo Apps: We replaced the old demo app with two new demo apps. The first demo app only shows the minimal steps necessary to run the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. The second new demo app has a new view that lists all the settings of the Scandit API. Developers can now experiment with the different features in the app before they use them themselves in their own apps.

And here are some of the features included in our Scandit Barcode Scanner v3.0.0:

– New scan UI with amazing full-screen scanning capabilities
– Significantly improved scan speed, accuracy and robustness
– 360° (tilted) scanning and scanning with extreme pitch and skew
– Even better blurry barcode scanning
– Flexible UI customization (Enterprise / paid Consumer plans only)
– PDF417 (beta) support (enterprise premium only)
– MSI Plessey support (enterprise premium only)
– Improved autofocus management
– Minor bug fixes

The sheer quality of our Barcode Scanner SDK makes it possible to use smartphone-based scanners as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the traditional mobile computers or handheld scanners used in many enterprise settings. With these changes we’re aiming to redefine mobile data capture for the enterprise and further enable more employee-facing and consumer-facing use cases.

To get started, sign up for a Scandit plan today or log in to your account. Please contact us with any questions, feedback or concerns.