LIFE 3.0 Augmented Reality Show Pics and Highlights


We headed out to the Clairmont hotel in San Francisco last night to check out the Life 3.0: Augmented Reality show, organized by the Funders and Founders meetup. The event attracted an incredibly creative and forward-thinking crowd, with over 20 startups exhibiting futuristic technologies. We wanted to share our favorite demos from the show:


Outerbody Labs

More art than business, the most fun and engaging demo of the night was the OuterBody Labs OuterBody game. The basic gist is that you put on a pair of goggle’s that only allow you to view yourself from a 3rd-person perspective, and you compete against another player to move blocks around according to specific patterns. It’s an experience that strikes a chord with the child in all of us. Check it out:

Augmented Reality GameAugmented Reality Game


Another engaging demo was provided by Smartsy, a company focused on delivering interactive content to users who photograph certain brand images or products.  The idea is simple, you take a picture of a brand or a product, and relevant videos, music, images, coupons, etc are delivered to your device. Smartsy is targeting brands and ad agencies and encouraging them to develop interactive content by providing tools through their cloud-based service.



Arguably the most impressive demo of the show, Real5d’s virtual showroom software allows realtors to develop interactive virtual models of properties that potential buyers can engage with via the web.  The demo included a projector featuring their meta shopping center, with a live person walking around at the physical location guiding the camera view. You could even talk to this virtual dude through a microphone on the table! In this way realtors can show properties to potential buyers through virtual tours.  Check it out:

Augmented Reality DemoAugmented Shopping Mall



All in all we had a great time connecting with some many creative and interesting folks working in this cutting edge space. It’ll be exciting to see what the future holds. Check out some more of our pics from the event: