New Scandit Case Transforms Select Android Devices into High-Performance Scanners

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Scandit Case for Android

Scandit is introducing the Scandit Case for Android, an enterprise scanning case which works out of the box and offers a variety of ergonomic scanning options that enable select Android devices to deliver a scanning experience equivalent to handheld traditional scanners and mobile computers at a fraction of the cost.

Combined with the Scandit Keyboard Wedge software, the Android smartphone instantly becomes an enterprise-grade barcode scanner with no programming or integration required.

Split view technology lets the user scan the way he likes. Perform traditional forward, point-to-scan barcode reading with an aiming light, or scan via the camera viewfinder for scanning multiple barcodes at once, comparable to image capturing.

The Scandit Case can be integrated into a user specific app and supports all of Scandit’s mobile scanning features. It provides protection in a lightweight form factor during everyday activities and compared to dedicated scanners, select Android smartphones equipped with Scandit software and inserted into the Case can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile data capture by up to 5x over the lifecycle of the device.

Just like the Scandit Case for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, and iPod Touch, the electronics-free design of Scandit Case for Android reduces points of failure and eliminates maintenance cost by leveraging the device’s built-in camera and flash to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease of use.

The Scandit Case is part of Scandit’s evolving product line, including mobile software and cloud services designed to address mission-critical data capture workflows such as Order Entry, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management, Tracking and Tracing, and Shipping and Receiving. For more information on Scandit Case for Android, click here. To speak with a Scandit Solutions Representative, click here.