New Scandit Case Turns iPhone 7 and 8 into High-Performance Barcode Scanners

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introducing smartphone into case

Scandit is releasing the new Scandit Case for iPhone 7 and 8 now, and just like the Scandit Case for iPhone 6/6s and iPod touch, it enables the same type of forward scanning with a mobile device that is provided by a dedicated scanner. The electronics-free design leverages the device’s built-in camera and flash to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease of use.

In addition, the robust design of the Scandit Case for iPhone 7 and 8 significantly reduces the substantial maintenance and support costs that are typically associated with dedicated scanners or scan sleds. This next-generation version of the Scandit Case features improved materials that increase ruggedness and grip and enhance scanning ergonomics.

The Scandit Case works as a dedicated case mode with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to deliver the highest scanning performance while providing protection during everyday activities, at a fraction of the cost. An increased field of view enables scanning of large 2D codes as well as multiple codes at once.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are lightweight devices that can easily be deployed across the enterprise in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. When paired with Scandit’s Case, mobile software, and cloud services, the iPhone 7 and 8 become enterprise-grade data capture devices that offers optimized ergonomics.

The Scandit Case is part of Scandit’s evolving product line, designed to address mission-critical workflows such as Order Entry, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management, Tracking and Tracing, and Shipping and Receiving.

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