Transforming the transaction: The rise of the mobile point of sale

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Transforming the transaction: The rise of the mobile point of sale

By now, you’ve probably used a tablet-based point of sale, or mPOS, to check out while shopping. If you haven’t, you likely will soon as the mPOS revolution is happening before our eyes. There are currently over 1.7 million smart device-powered mPOS systems being used in the US alone, with an expected increase to 7.7 million by 2020. The rise in use of mPOS systems, over a short amount of time, is because they offer what traditional devices cannot: a better customer and merchant experience that transcends what we have grown to expect from a customary transaction.

Traditional point of sale devices haven’t been able to keep up with the evolution of the modern merchant. Many are still the expensive, clunky and stationary devices of the past. They can be difficult to navigate, requiring training and time to use properly, and aren’t user friendly for customers or salespersons. The advent of the mPOS has allowed merchants to re-create the shopping experience, leaving traditional POS by the wayside. By adopting a smartphone, or tablet-powered mPOS system, merchants can sell anywhere, cut ownership costs, gain insightful analytics and build a stronger relationship with customers.

Beyond the key features, mPOS systems offer more benefits for the average merchant. Traditional POS systems are targeted to big businesses, and leave the little guys behind. For the smaller retailer, mobile merchant or entrepreneur, mPOS provides a lower barrier of entry to make a sale. mPOS systems have simple pricing plans, included user accounts, and inexpensive maintenance costs. Where traditional systems are designed for larger businesses, mPOS fits any business model from start-up to wholesale. With benefits to meet any business size, it’s really not a surprise that mPOS is gaining popularity worldwide.

The future of the mPOS is bright as more and more merchants, retailers, and businesses are adopting smarter solutions for the stores of the future. Point of sale solution providers can utilize the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK and Product API by signing up for one of our Enterprise plans.