The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK now supports the all-new GS1 QR Code!

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Today we’re going to talk about a new type of barcode, known as the GS1 QR code.

We’re all familiar with QR Codes, those square shaped 2D matrix codes we find on posters, products, business cards and just about anywhere these days. QR codes are unique in that they have a higher data storage capacity than 1D codes, and they are easily read with any camera-equipped smartphone. The data QR codes store is text-based, and usually points to a URL, triggers an SMS or simply delivers a text message. QR codes have mostly been used for marketing purposes, by redirecting the user to a website or engaging them in a promotion.

The GS1 QR code is different from the traditional QR code in that it extends their functionality to include packaging information. With this barcode, GS1 has attempted to create a code that can still be used for marketing campaigns, while containing identifying information about products.  The new GS1 QR code requires both the association of a Global Trade Identifier Number (GTIN) and an Extended Packaging URL, with the option to encode additional data.

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK now supports the scanning of GS1 QR codes. You can begin testing our Barcode Scanner SDK by signing up for one our plans today.

For more information about GS1 QR codes, read the executive summary.


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