5 Impressive Mobile Stats from 2012

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5 Impressive Mobile Stats from 2012

2012 was incredibly exciting year for mobile. Smartphone sales are going through the roof, consumers are falling in love with their tablets and the app ecosystem is robust and growing exponentially. The growing ubiquity of smartphones has enabled a transformation of commerce, with more and more consumers using their mobile devices to shop from home and in-store. This is just the beginning.

We wanted to share some of the most insightful mobile stats from 2012:

  • Samsung sold 500 mobile handsets every minute during Q4 2012

Wow! Wrap your head around this stat. Many of us love our iPhones, but Android is undoubtedly dominating the market these days. In Q4 alone Samsung reported profits of 8.1 billion, with their Galaxy Note II phablet leading the charge.

  • Apple’s App Store had ~20 billion downloads in 2012, with over 2 billion in December alone

Apple just released this incredible statistic, a head turner for sure, indicating a live and thriving app ecosystem for iOS.

  • Most retail companies will offer a mobile commerce experience in 2013

Appcelerator never disappoints with their quarterly developer surveys, which in Q4 comprised a sample of nearly 3,000 mobile developers. Of those surveyed, 93 percent of developers identified the changes taking place in the retail environment, noting that it is “likely to very likely” that retailers will have enabled mobile commerce in 2013. Developers also predict that 86 percent of shoppers will look at a retailer’s website on their mobile device while shopping in-store. Nearly two-thirds of developers predict that mobile purchases will beat out credit card purchases in 2013 and 71 percent of developers predict that mobile wallets will become a standard part of the consumer experience this year.

  • Two thirds of new mobile subscribers have been opting for smartphones

The feature phone is going extinct (thankfully). Reports by Nielsen made in Q2 2012 revealed that 54.9 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers possessed a smartphone, and that 2 out of 3 U.S. consumers who bought a phone in the 3 months before this report had opted for a smartphone.

  • The smartphone has become an everyday adjunct to the physical shopping experience

Nielsen reports from early December revealed that 78 percent of mobile shoppers say they’ve used their smartphone to find a store, and another 63 percent have checked prices online while shopping in-store.