Accessing European Product Information with the barcoo Barcode Scanner

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Accessing European Product Information with the barcoo Barcode Scanner

Today we’re going to take a look at an Berlin-based app called barcoo, which provides European consumers with access to product information and price comparisons with a simple scan of a barcode. barcoo is one of the pioneers in bringing product information to the European smartphone owners, and over the years they’ve built up very comprehensive product coverage, and a dedicated fanbase.

Another important feature of the barcoo app is their barcode scanner, which allows users to quickly and easily interact with products. We are thrilled they choose to use our Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK in their apps to ensure a great user experience.

Check out these screenshots to get a sense of the barcoo experience:

Download for iOS (Only available in Europe)

Download for Android

Visit the barcoo website for downloads for Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Samsung operating systems.

Here’s some of the juicy data points barcoo will give you access to:

–          Price Information

–          User Ratings

–          Nutritional Information

–          Green and Sustainability Information

And some of their more unique services:

–          Blood-Alcohol Content Calculator

–          Wine Temperature Calculator

–          Seasonal Vegetable Lists

Learn more by watching their awesome video: