GS1 Switzerland Logistics Forum: Transforming Supply Chain Operations in the Mobile Age

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woman scanning boxes from shelves

Later this week, Scandit is participating in the GS1 Switzerland Logistics Forum where Scandit’s CEO, Samuel Mueller, will discuss the role of mobile devices in professional logistics environments. During the 16th Annual GS1 Logistics Forum, industry leaders like Scandit will gather to showcase the latest technologies that are transforming supply chain operations such as mobile devices, drones, 3D printers and other connected devices.

Scandit CEO, Samuel Mueller will be speaking to audience members about the benefits of enterprise mobility, and how to leverage the data collected from mobile devices to increase supply chain visibility and streamline operations in his presentation titled, The Smart Enterprise: Transforming Operations and Increasing Supply Chain Visibility in the Mobile Age.

Smartphones, tablets, wearables and drones are redefining what’s possible for larger businesses, and by utilizing the latest technology companies can improve business operations for logistics professionals. As barcode scanning and data capture continues to play a key role in many logistics workflows, companies such as Scandit are providing new and exciting ways for enterprises to incorporate the latest technologies to improve employee efficiency, lower IT costs and increase visibility into supply chain operations.

It’s no secret that mobile technology is already being used to improve logistics environments, but as more companies turn to smartphones, drones and even wearables for enterprise use, it’s important to understand what solutions are available and how they are being implemented successfully across large organizations.

To learn more about the event you can review the event agenda.