Insights from the Q1 2013 Mobile Enterprise Report by Appcelerator

Today we’re going to take a look at results from a recent survey which takes a look at state of mobile in the Enterprise. The survey, conducted by Appcelerator in late November 2012, includes responses from over 770 Enterprise leaders. Check out what they found:

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Main Insights

Enterprises predict that 2013 will be the year when the number of new mobile applications will surpass the number of new desktop applications.

None of the major traditional IT and software vendors are showing leadership in mobile.

Mobile Leadership by Traditional IT Vendors
Figure 1 - Mobile Leadership by Traditional IT Vendors

While most enterprises have cleared the first mobile application hurdle, the majority are still targeting to build 5 apps or more in 2013.

Figure 2 - Enterprise Apps Launched

Enterprises view mobile apps as transformative and believe they will have substantive impact on: customer and employee relationships, the enterprise’s ability to compete, top line revenue growth and bottom line asset efficiency.

Figure 3 - Mobile Technology's Impact on Business

2013 will be the year of the cloud-connected, UI/UX-driven employee-facing mobile app.

Other Insights

64% of enterprise respondents predict that mobile development projects will outnumber web development projects and will move primarily in-house.

94% of enterprise respondents predict that companies will invest in capabilities to connect their mobile apps to the cloud and their back-end systems.

Here’s a look at the current backend systems Enterprise’s are connecting their mobile apps to:

Figure 4 - Enterprise Back-end Systems for Mobile Apps

81% of enterprise respondents predict that traditional companies in mature markets will be disrupted by mobile-first startups.

Both Enterprise leaders and developers are most interested in creating apps for the iOS platform. 

Figure 5 - Development Interest by Platform