Introducing Haiku Friday: Barcode-themed Haiku Poetry

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Introducing Haiku Friday: Barcode-themed Haiku Poetry


We’re excited to debut our newest and geekiest creation yet: the Haikode!  These barcode-themed poems follow the traditional structure of Haikus with a barcode twist. For those that don’t know, Haikus are short poems containing three lines in which the first line contains five syllables, the second line contains seven syllables and the third line contains five syllables. Anyone can create these fun poems in no time! In experimenting with these funny little poems, we became inspired to combine our love for barcodes with our new-found compulsion for creating Haikus. Here are some Haikodes that resulted:


NFC arrives
for the ultimate showdown…
Long live the barcode!

How Barcodes Were Born

The Magician Said
Symbology… 1! 2! 3!
Then there were barcodes.

The Checkout Jingle

POS you say?
UPC For Grocery
That would make my day!

Be sure to look out each Friday on our Twitter page for a brand new Haikode!

Think you can do better? Post your own Haikodes in the comments section below, or tweet them to @Scandit using the hashtag #Haikode on Twitter!