What Could Scandit do for the Asset Management Industry?

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What Could Scandit do for the Asset Management Industry?

Today we’ll examine what Scandit could do for companies in the asset management industry. Consider a company that sells and offers machines on a time-limited basis to construction sites–for example, large firms such as United Rentals, Sunbelt, and Hertz. With the growing size of construction sites, demand for the machines they provide is increasing linearly. Appropriately, some questions regarding managing these business processes arise: How can a client initiate an ordering process? How do you return a machine? How can a company keep track of what machine is where, and when? How long is a machine needed on the site? If damage occurs–who had rented the machine previously? To answer these questions, one needs to consider an integrated asset management system – and product identification. And when it comes to physical product identification, barcodes are a first-class utility.

For these companies, designing a smartphone app for a platform such as iOS (iPhone) makes perfect sense. Thanks to the wide distribution of such devices, there’s always a smartphone at hand. There’s no need to identify the machine manually, or to use a desktop computer — with a smartphone app and Scandit’s lightning-fast barcode scanner, identifying a machine by an attached barcode, ordering a new one, and returning it is a matter of one or two taps on your touch-screen. Additionally, thanks to thorough identification of the machines lent, businesses can outsource the ‘track & trace’ process to their clients. Using an integrated asset management system, the history of a product can be tracked and traced down to its origins. This makes machine management a whole lot easier. Not only can ordering and maintenance processes be tightened—clients on the other side get a powerful tool to streamline a portion of their supply chain and can quickly react to demand changes.

But wait, there’s more: As these machines are usually of a complex nature and newer versions are continuously being developed, there might be changes in terms of service and operation — a mobile and always up-to-date service section integrated into an app can simplify a user’s experience in getting instructions and receiving help if unexpected behavior occurs. Manuals and support could be provided on an ad-hoc basis with first-level support taking place on the smartphone. By eliminating unnecessary labor utilization and reducing the time it takes to sort out a problem, costs can be minimized without reducing the quality of service.

Such an ecosystem for thorough support in handling assets enables companies to reduce cost and gain competitive advantage in their industry. With barcodes and Scandit’s fast and reliable barcode scanner, asset identification and management becomes convenient and cost-effective—which can help the entire industry to reduce costs and enhance customer service.