Can Mobile Data Capture Help Your Enterprise? Find Out With This Easy Test

Mobile data capture technology is a serious investment requiring careful assessment. Fortunately, the following 45-second test will answer the foundational question of whether mobile data capture can improve your business operations.

Provide a simple yes or no answer to each of the following six questions.

1. Can your employees and customers get real-time inventory data by scanning the barcode on an item?

2. Can you report where any item is in your supply chain using a mobile device?

3. Can employees or customers request an asset or enter an order by scanning a barcode with a mobile device?

4. Have you stopped spending time and money teaching your staff to use dedicated barcode scanners?

5. Is your shipping and receiving process integrated into your company’s ERP system?

6. If you are a retailer, does your customer have a consistent, seamless shopping experience at home, on the go, or in your store?

If you answered no to any one of these test questions, you need to contact a Scandit Solutions Consultant and schedule a conversation. If you answered no to more than one, you really need to contact a Scandit Solutions Consultant.

Improving business operations with Scandit can be remarkably simple and affordable. Contact us today. Click here to download our new white paper on mobile data capture and seamless retail.