The complete solution for building mobile inspection apps.

Mobile computer vision enables ExPD Group to use barcode scanning to perform efficient and accurate inspections.

Industry: Facilities Management / Use case: Field Service /

Industry: Facilties Management
Use case: Field Service

Time and Expense Savings

Scandit’s barcode reading solution reduced the time and expense of mobile inspections.

Increased User Adoption

Easy, intuitive barcode scanning functionality in the app increases user adoption.

Flexible Deployment Options

The Scandit solution works with more than 4,000 smart devices, making it possible for users to implement a BYOD app deployment strategy.

Supplier of innovative software solutions

Since 1992, The ExPD Group has supplied innovative software solutions and services to a wide variety of industries, centered predominantly on mobile & automated data collection systems, allied to barcode and RFID technologies. ExPD provides an end-to-end service from complete data collection solutions, including custom software services, to simple barcode readers, printers, media and labelling software. The company’s core solutions include OmniPost – Internal Mail Tracking Solution for post rooms, OmniCheck – Mobile Inspection Designer that can design almost any inspection app for any mobile device, and Asset-i – Asset-tracking solution that saves users money by getting more from their fixed assets.

A simpler way to manage inspections

OmniCheck is a fully user-configurable mobile inspection and data collection solution for almost any inspection requirement. The solution allows users to configure virtually any inspection process and data capture application on an Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile device. OmniCheck provides the flexibility to function entirely as a standalone application with its comprehensive results management module. Alternatively, it can be fully integrated with a user’s existing legacy systems to control the flow of data to and from their mobile devices.

Replacing dedicated scanners with more cost-effective smartphones

Initially, Omnicheck was launched without any type of built-in barcode scanning functionality. This required users to verify inspections and collect data using expensive, awkward dedicated barcode scanners. With recent advancements in smartphones and software-based scanning technology, ExPD sought to replace, in certain applications, costly dedicated barcode scanners into the Omnicheck app. This would eliminate the need for expensive hardware and enable a BYOD deployment strategy.

A streamlined mobile experience powered by software-based scanning

By integrating the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into OmniCheck, ExPD has enabled users to deliver inspection results more quickly and accurately. The time and expense of manually re-entering data from paperwork is eliminated. Users can also cut the cost of meeting the standards requirements of various industry bodies. Leveraging existing smartphone investments, app users can create whatever type of inspection process best suits their needs. Users enjoy the same scanning capabilities provided by an expensive handheld scanner or mobile computer at a fraction of the cost.

A new mobile app that reduced IT spend and improved operations

Since integrating Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into Omnicheck, user adoption of the app has increased. In addition to reducing costs of hardware and of manual paperwork, users have also significantly lowered data storage and retrieval costs.

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