Counting the Cost of Social Distancing

According to a McKinsey & Partners report, consumers are showing a preference for brands that deliver great service while prioritizing risk reduction.

For retailers, this means implementing contactless shopping and social distancing in store is crucial. But measures designed to keep shoppers and staff safe inevitably create lines and waits.

Anything which helps to safely speed up the time it takes to shop and exit the store, such as deploying self-scanning or Self-Scanning apps, will be critical.

How much revenue are you missing out on?

Our handy Self-Scanning Calculator is designed to help you see how much additional revenue you could make if you roll out self-scanning in your stores.

Just add in a few details about your retail business into the tool and press submit to reveal your results instantly, which will include:

  • Number of customers that can be moved to self-scanning per day
  • Additional customers you can serve per day
  • Additional revenue you can make per month
Calculate the Impact of Self-Scanning
How it Works

The Self-Scanning Calculator takes your input and uses industry average assumptions to calculate your results.

Try it to gain an insight into the business value of deploying Self-Scanning.

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