Tackling Last Mile Workflows with Smartphone Scanning

Maintain, Improve or Innovate Delivery Tasks
with no Disruption

Here we highlight different ways smartphones can be deployed in a typical last mile workflow of loading a van with a series of demos. We start with basic scanning, then evolve into more innovative use cases that can only be enabled by using computer vision, and not with laser scanners.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • What smartphone scanning is – why it’s become so competitive versus hardware and the main business benefits
  • How to maintain current workflows – push-to-scan brings similar capabilities to hardware scanners, with greater control and no disruption.
  • How to improve workflows – continuous scanning offers greater efficiency, with less fatigue and little training needed.
  • How to innovate workflows – batch scanning, powered by MatrixScan AR, scans multiple items at once, speeding up tasks and eliminating costly errors.
Felix Stieger image


Felix Stieger

Head of Solution Consulting, Scandit