5 Ways Mobile Order Entry Can Improve Order Management Systems for Wholesale Distributors

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In any wholesale distribution operation, the ability to provide efficient, simple order entry is essential to both customer satisfaction and business success. As a distributor, simpler ordering processes for customers can result in increased order frequency and an improved bottom line for your business. By integrating and deploying a mobile order entry app to customer mobile devices, you can improve your order management system, and become a vendor of choice by leveraging omnichannel sales. Here are 5 ways your business and customers can benefit from Scandit’s Mobile Order Entry solution:

Faster Order Entry with Enterprise-Grade Mobile Barcode Scanning 

Using Scandit’s high performance barcode scanning technology, customers can quickly scan product barcodes using a smartphone to add items to an order, or search for product details. Our software turns ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that make ordering products and searching catalogs fast and easy.

Drive Revenue with 24-Hour Mobile Ordering for Customers

Deploying our mobile order entry app to customer smartphones or tablets means they can now access your entire product catalog, create and submit orders anywhere, anytime—all without the assistance of a customer sales rep. This translates into greater efficiency, more frequent ordering and smoother order management without the traditional order entry bottlenecks.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Live Order Status Tracking

Using our Mobile Order Entry solution, wholesale distributors can provide up-to-date order tracking so that customers always know an order status, without contacting sales reps for questions. This translates into greater efficiency in the order entry process, and improved customer satisfaction.

Make Better Decisions and Track Customer Behavior with Mobile App User Analytics

Gain insight into app performance and customer order habits with web-configurable app analytics, giving your company the ability to track user behavior, make better decisions and improve your order entry sales process with access to real-time user data.

Product Catalog Access Online and Offline

Scandit’s solution gives customers access to 1 million item, detail-rich product catalogs using a mobile app, without requiring network connectivity. This is critical for wholesale customers working in environments where connectivity can be scarce, and allows them to be more efficient in the workplace. For wholesale distributors, Scandit’s solution provides flexible cloud hosting of your catalog, or integrates easily into your existing IT system.

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