A New Era of Mobile App Development: Cloud-Based Management and Deployment

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A New Era of Mobile App Development: Cloud-Based Management and Deployment

Building a custom mobile solution has never been easy. Today’s fragmented mobile development landscape has only made it more difficult to manage than ever before. With an enterprise environment that is quickly adopting mobile solutions to improve business processes, IT decision makers face considerable challenges when deciding how to build a mobile application.

The ever-expanding market of mobile devices is constantly changing, challenging enterprise IT professionals when building applications for the workplace — especially in bring your own device (BYOD) environments. Complexities arise with development, deployment and device and OS fragmentation. This makes it difficult for IT managers to distribute and maintain enterprise apps in an efficient way across a fleet of devices. Because of this, it’s increasingly difficult for many businesses to build internal app solutions. This has opened the door for more efficient and flexible app development practices that have fostered an ecosystem of solution-oriented businesses to help manage devices and rapidly deploy apps via the cloud.

As an alternative to traditional mobile app development, innovative solutions are emerging that provide the ability to quickly customize and deploy prebuilt mobile apps and services. By leveraging out-of-the-box workflows, scripting languages, integrations with existing IT systems (ERP, WMS, TMS) and cloud-based mobile application management services, IT departments can streamline app development in order to save time and money.

Take Scandit for example: our mobile solutions—built on the Scandit Flow Platform—allow developers to manage app workflows, SDKs and other app components through an interactive web-based dashboard that also captures real-time analytics and scanning data across any organization. We make it easy to quickly build, stage and deploy high performance barcode scanning solutions through a hassle-free device management dashboard for businesses without such services, or integrate with existing mobile application management (MAM) platforms already in use.

By expediting development and stepping away from building custom solutions from scratch, enterprises can simplify app management and focus more on their business— ultimately leading to improved customer relations and an increased bottom line.

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