Highlights from SXSW 2013: 3D Printing, Gesture Control and Space Travel


Conference season is in full swing, with Mobile World Congress and Launch Festival recently wrapping up and SXSW still rocking in Austin.

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Today we’d like to share the scoop about what’s happening at SXSW, here’s the juicy news:

Lots of Cool Hardware

There is a ton of cool hardware news coming out of Austin.  Makerbot, creators of affordable home desktop 3D printers, released a device called the “Digitizer” that allows you to scan small 3D objects and then replicate them using a 3D printer. Check out Makerbot’s 3D printer in action:

Next on the list for cool hardware is the Leap Motion Controller, which allows users to control their computers through innovative customized gestures. Check out this demo for the gist:

Space Travel is Cool Again

Another theme that’s been prominent at SXSW this year is private space travel. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk delivered a riveting keynote about the future of space travel, sharing the details of SpaceX’s recent mission to an International space station, and designs for reusable rockets that could blast off and safely land. Check out this video of the SpaceX Dragon landing at the International Space Station just last week: