Omnichannel Mobile Strategies Boost In-Store Sales for Retailers

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reading shoppping list on iphone

A new retail marketing report from Forrester found that sales from US consumers that check the web before making in-store purchases are four times greater than online sales alone. This may come as a shock for many retailers who previously frowned on mobile use in store, or the “showrooming” trend that has become a new norm for today’s web influenced shoppers. Omnichannel mobile strategies are actually helping, not hurting, in-store sales across the US.

Cross-channel retail sales—defined by Forrester as transactions that are touched by a digital medium but not completed online—are slated to hit $1.4 trillion this year and $1.8 trillion by 2018. Offline sales, primarily influenced by the web, will comprise nearly 75% of the $475 billion in US retail growth anticipated between 2014 and 2018. This is due to the rising number of consumers who use their phones at home and in-store to research products before purchase.

Many believed that mobile shopping would hurt in-store sales, but this five-year study proves otherwise. As it turns out, most consumers use their phones in the “pre-shop” phase and not to complete purchases. This is because shoppers are more interested in researching the product location, comparing prices, and checking inventory before making a trip to a brick and mortar location to complete their purchase in person.

This is good news for retailers who have yet to embrace an omnichannel marketing strategy. By creating employee and consumer-facing apps that help shoppers, retailers can take advantage of this trend that is quickly becoming the new norm for today’s mobile consumer.

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