Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes

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Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes

QR Codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days, compelling passerby’s to whip out their phones and scan. As the QR code becomes more commonplace, we’ve also been seeing them pop up in some not so common places. We wanted to share our top picks for the wackiest QR codes we’ve came across.


1.  QR Codes on Tombstones…

This is about as strange as it gets. For $10,000 the Japanese company Ishinokoe will sell you a tombstone with a QR code that when scanned can connect family members and visitors to photos and other content about the deceased. Check out the content from this code:

QR code on tomb stone
(Image source: Ishinokoe)


2.  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… QR code?!

This may be the most absurd QR code in existence simply because it’s the most difficult to scan. What were these marketers thinking? You can’t even tell who paid for the absurdity:

Airplane towing QR code
(Image source: Yuri Vorontsov)


3.  QR Code Crochet

Could you imagine finding your grandmother knitting a QR code scarf? Or a pair of socks you can scan? Well—it’s actually happening:

(Image source: Neatorama)


4.  Gaming with QR Coded Dice

Imagine hanging out with your friends playing board games, and rolling QR code covered dice when your turn comes up. What are these people thinking? Does a monster or an angel appear on your phone when you scan it? We doubt it:

Dice with QR codes
(Image source: Eric Harshbarger)


5.  Edible QR Codes

Yes barcodes are edible these days—we were happy to find this out as well. Just looking at a barcode can make us hungry:

QR codes on top of Cupcakes
(Image source: Fast Company)


Know of any more crazy QR codes out there? Make sure to scan them using our Scandit App or build your own app using our SDK. Share your comments and crazy QR codes below!

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