Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller to speak at European Titanium Conference this Saturday

We’re excited to announce that our CEO Samuel Mueller will be speaking at Europe’s Titanium Conference, tiConf 2013, this Thursday in Valencia, Spain.  tiConf is a 2-day mobile development conference primarily based around JavaScript and Appcelerator Titanium, which will feature workshops and talks from some of the best Titanium developers and businesspeople in Europe.

Sam’s talk is on Saturday February 23rd at 4:50pm.  Here’s the scoop:

Using a Barcode Scanner to Expand your App

This session will explain how and when you can easily expand your app with barcode scanning capabilities. After an overview of the technical challenges involved in recognizing barcode images on mobile devices, we will present case studies to illustrate how Scandit’s popular barcode scanner module for Titanium empowers new consumer use cases and democratizes established enterprise processes. The session will end with a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Scandit Module in your app.

To get started with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for Titanium, sign up here.

If you can’t join us in Spain, be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter channel and Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing ideas and content from the conference!