The Value of mPOS during the Holidays

| Comercio Minorista

The Value of mPOS during the Holidays

How can brick-and-mortar retailers compete against the convenience and ease of online shopping this holiday season? For starters, integrating a mobile point-of-sale system can help to speed up in-store payments and improve customer service.

Retail Info System News recently published an article enticing retailers to give the gift of mPOS to its shoppers this holiday season, and we heartedly agree. By offering a faster and easier checkout option retailers can attract shoppers who might otherwise prefer to avoid the busyness of in-store holiday shopping.

So how should a retailer go about choosing an mPOS solution?

When deciding upon a solution, retailers should pay close attention to both the checkout and security features offered. An ideal mPOS system should be able to handle cash, store consumer credit cards, enable NFC checkout, and incorporate barcode scanning for quick and easy purchase totaling. The security of the mPOS system also needs consideration, and should at a minimum include PCI compliance, and ideally EMV 1 and EMV 2 certification if PIN numbers are ever used. Lastly retailers should consider how this mPOS will interact with existing processes and systems. The best mPOS systems will seamlessly integrate with your inventory and CRM systems. This will free up your employees to help customers in their pre-holiday frenzy.

As technology progresses retailers will be increasingly challenged to compete for consumer dollars during the holidays, and those who deliver convenient and easy to use mobile payment options will be a step ahead of the rest.