Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK into Your Mobile App

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Barcode scanning has become a required feature for many popular consumer and employee-facing mobile apps. Whether users are comparing prices in store, tracking assets through the supply chain or managing inventory in the back of house, the right barcode scanner SDK can turn your smartphone into a powerful business tool. When building a mobile app that includes a barcode scanning feature, it’s important to have a barcode scanner SDK that is fast, easy to integrate and provides the best user experience.

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious brands for good reason. No matter what use case or application, Scandit can provide your mobile app users with the best barcode scanning experience. Here are five compelling reasons to integrate Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK into your mobile app.

1) Lightning-Fast Decode Speed

Our award-winning Barcode Scanner SDK provides hundreds of mobile apps with unmatched speed and accuracy decoding all major barcode symbologies. In fact, our image recognition software is capable of reading barcodes faster than auto-focus cameras can focus. Studies comparing different barcode scanners have shown that Scandit significantly outperforms competing barcode scanning solutions.

Take a look at our performance video to see the unmatched scanning speed delivered by Scandit.

2) Blurry Barcode Scanning

Unlike competitors, our Barcode Scanner SDK is able to scan blurry barcodes. Our patented blurry barcode scanning functionality increases scanning speeds, regardless of device camera quality, and makes it possible to scan even the smallest barcodes. Because of this, our barcode scanner works across thousands of low-end cameras that lack autofocus, making Scandit the best choice for apps being used across a wide-range of devices. Our blurry barcode scanning functionality ensures accessibility for all users, not just those with the latest high-end smartphone.

3) Barcode Scanning in Adverse Conditions

Let’s face it, barcodes are scanned everywhere — in stores, in warehouses, at home and on-the-go. It’s important for users to be able to scan barcodes quickly and accurately regardless of type of surface, lighting scenario or angle required. Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK gives users the ability to scan barcodes at any angle, with high amounts of glare and across any surface. Our SDK can even scan poorly printed or damaged barcodes with ease. All of this translates into fast and accurate barcode scanning for any user in any environment.

4) Trusted Reliability and World-Class Support

Unlike other barcode scanner SDK’s, Scandit provides customers with the reliability and support that goes far beyond the barcode scan. This is why our technology is trusted by some of today’s biggest brands. Our Barcode Scanner SDK comes with:

  • Reliable performance to meet enterprise needs
  • Technical support plans to help with integration, deployment and maintenance
  • Barcode scanning analytics that provide valuable app intelligence
  • Timely updates that make sure your app continues to provide a great user experience over time

5) Scandit is more than just a component

Unlike other competitors, Scandit does more than build a simple barcode scanner SDK. We’re also an app solution provider for some of today’s largest enterprises. As veterans in the mobile barcode scanning space with more than 20,000 licensees in 100 countries, we are well suited to help address your use case — no matter the industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of use cases across many industries around the globe, and know what makes a mobile barcode scanning application successful.

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