Unleash your inner Scanimal with Scandit’s new “Natural” Barcode Scanning feature

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Unleash your inner Scanimal with Scandit’s new “Natural” Barcode Scanning feature

Today we’re excited to release a brand-new feature that will allow our users to scan “natural” barcodes. “What’s a natural barcode?”, you might ask? As some of you might have noted already, barcodes appear all over nature, on animals such as on zebras, tigers, clownfish or caterpillars, and also in a variety of trees and plantlife. With our revolutionary Scanimal function, we’re offering users a new way to interact with nature by scanning these plants and animals to learn more about them. For instance, when scanning a Zebra such as the one below you can access insights such as the animals age, sex, mating history, relationship status and political views. This way the next time you’re dreaming about meeting a single female libertarian Zebra it’s just a scan away.

The Scanimal function is also very helpful in survival situations, as smartphone users can scan the barcoded plants and animals in their vicinity to find out not only what tastes the best, but also legal, safety, and allergen information. For instance, upon scanning a clownfish our app will warn you of the poisonous anemone they host, potentially saving your life. After you’re done surviving, you can take a photo and share your roasted clownfish with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

The new Scanimal feature has been integrated in both our popular Scandit app and our SDK.  Be sure to look out for upcoming posts on specific developer use cases, such as “Training Tigers with Scandit”, and “Pest Control through Caterpillars and Scandit.”

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