Updated Scandit Phonegap/Cordova Barcode Scanner Plugin now supports Plugman!

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Updated Scandit Phonegap/Cordova Barcode Scanner Plugin now supports Plugman!

Today we’re excited to announce that our Phonegap Barcode Scanner plugin now supports Plugman!

Plugman is a command line tool to distribute and package plugins for use with PhoneGap/Cordova.

Here are instructions on how to install the Scandit plugin into your Phonegap/Cordova project using Plugman:

  1. Sign up and download the Scandit SDK Cordova Plugins for iOS and Android from your Scandit SDK account.
  2. Install Android and iOS Scandit SDK Plugin using Plugman

plugman –platform android –project . –plugin
plugman –platform ios –project . –plugin

There is a bug in Plugman that prevents .a files (static libraries) to be installed properly under iOS. To add thelibscanditsdk-iphone-<version>.a file under iOS, you need click on your project in the navigation pane of Xcode, select your target and the tab “Build Phases”. Under the entry “Link Binary with Libraries”, add the libscanditsdk-iphone-<version>.alibrary by clicking the “+” button and select it from the file system by clicking “add other”.

3.  Start using the Scandit SDK in your html code:

– Get the app key from your Scandit SDK account

– Invoke the Scandit SDK scanner by invoking the cordova.exec() function with the following parameters:


cordova.exec(function(success), function(cancel), “ScanditSDK”, “scan”, [“ENTER YOUR APP KEY HERE”,{}]);


* See extensive example below
* See [ScanditSDK.h](/src/ios/ScanditSDK.h) and the example below for a detailed list of parameters.
To install Plugman:

git clone https://github.com/imhotep/plugman.git
cd plugman
npm install -g

For detailed instructions on how to install the Phonegap Barcode Scanner plugin manually see our Github page.