Embracing Mobility: Best Practice Mobile Data Capture Solutions

Expert guidance on how to implement an end-to-end mobile data capture strategy.

Deploying an enterprise mobile solution is no easy task, but a strong understanding of common IT concerns helps drive better purchasing decisions. Knowing what to look for up-front will ease the hardware and software comparison process and help with planning the transition. This guide walks through the stages of the mobile data capture ecosystem including investment, deployment and operations and why they matter to your business.

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  • Why enterprises are choosing to implement mobile data capture solutions
  • How to address the top IT concerns related to deploying mobile solutions
  • How to evaluate mobile hardware and software solutions before purchase

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Alaska Airlines - Case study

Customer service agents now use iPad mini with Scandit software to quickly and accurately scan a variety of passenger and crew documents. Agents perform critical processes such as flight check-in, checked bags, seat changes, standby seat assignments, and passport and boarding pass verification, 20% faster than their previous scanning solution.

Advancing Healthcare One Mobile Scan at a Time - Whitepaper

How to innovate air travel with computer vision and augmented reality (AR) - our take, from working with air travel organisations. Describes the technology and shows how it can be put to use for customer service and operational benefits, connecting employees and customers to consistent, real-time information.

Retail Redefined, One Mobile Scan at a Time

Watch a video of computer vision and AR on ordinary smart devices being used by employees and customers in typical retail settings. And learn about the many use cases across the retail landscape from supply chain to stores.

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