Reengineer, Restructure, and Revamp Retail with Mobile Data Capture Technology

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VDC Research’s in-depth investigation uncovers challenges and opportunities facing brick-and-mortar retailers and offers insights into how to maintain and improve customer satisfaction and serviceability levels.

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  • The latest mobile data capture strategies retailers are using to align in-store and online shopping experiences.
  • New approaches to empower sales associates to contribute more directly to customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Ways in which retailers are leveraging mobile devices to enable cross-channel fulfillment.

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Think Like Amazon - Whitepaper

Learn how to transform physical stores using affordable mobile barcode, text and object recognition with augmented reality (AR). AmazonGo relies on huge investment and infrastructure outside of most retailers’ grasp, but it’s possible to imitate the effect by using the humble smart device as a ‘universal sensor’.

Scandit & Forrester on Retail Store Operations - Webinar

Featuring Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller and Forrester VP George Lawrie, find out why savvy retailers use computer vision on smart devices to digitize and reduce the cost of retail operations. Hear Forrester’s research insight on consumer attitudes to digital shopping in physical stores.

Instacart - Case Study

Learn how Instacart ensures BYOD mobile scanning app success with Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

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