Barcode Beauty: i-city architecture exhibit takes QR codes to the next level

An International architecture exhibition which recently opened in Venice, Italy has transformed the QR code into an object of great beauty and enchantment. The exhibit, titled “i-city,” is being featured at the Russia Pavilion through the 25th of November at  Venice Biennale.

Designed by SPEECH Techoban /Kuznetsov, the exhibit is designed to showcase the work of the Strolkovo Innovation Center, focusing on scientific research in the areas of IT, Biomed, Energy, Space, Nuclear Tech. As you enter the exhibit you’re provided with a tablet, with which you can scan the codes on the wall to find out information about Strolkovo. It begs the question, will we ever see a future where the walls of buildings covered in barcodes?

Check out these amazing photos provided by Arch Daily:


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Photos provided by:

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