Barcode Haikus for a Happy Holiday

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Barcode Haikus for a Happy Holiday


As some of you may know, we’ve pioneered a new form of poetry known as the Haikode, a barcode-themed Haiku. This unique form of poetry has proven itself to put chuckles into the bellies of barcode-obsessed geeks worldwide, who’ve lovingly named these poems “lolcodes.” You think cats are cuter? Wait til you see PDF417!

Today we’d like to share some special edition Haikodes we’ve put together for the Holidays:


*Holiday Dinner*

After all the goose

QR had too much eggnog

And “Goose-nog” was born


*Let it Snow*

With chestnuts roasting

Sitting beside the fire

The barcode smiled


*Blushing Packages*

Under Mistletoe

When QR kissed UPC

Her cardboard turned red


We’re wishing you the best of Holidays this year!

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We’re always looking for new poets to carry on this incredible tradition. Please leave your own Haikodes in the comments section below!