Brilliant Marketing: How the QR Code Turned an Envelope into a Vinyl Record Player

Today we’re very excited to share one of the coolest QR code stories we’ve ever encountered. It all started when some marketers at Kontor Records wanted an effective way to promote new music to the advertising industry. Traditionally record labels would send promotion CDs to advertising agents, but these CDs were under-utilized and often trashed. Kontor decided to take a different approach by sending vinyl records, and to sweeten the package they literally turned the mailing envelope into a record player.

How did they accomplish this marvelous feat?

They printed the appearance of a vinyl turntable on the envelope, naming it the “Office Turntable.” You simply place the record on the printed turntable, scan the QR code next to it and place your smartphone down on the record. From there on out the touchscreen becomes an interactive needle to switch between tracks. Incredible! Check out the video:

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