Dispelling 5 Myths of Smartphone Scanning

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Using smartphone scanning is a great, cost-efficient alternative to dedicated devices. It means frontline workers can use their own familiar devices to carry out day-to-day tasks, making onboarding and peak hiring easy to do. And when the best-performing software and hardware combination is used, the benefits are transformative.

The Samsung XCover Pro, used in conjunction with Scandit’s enterprise-grade computer vision and data capture solution, makes one such indispensable work tool for frontline operations in retail or logistics. Workers love the lightweight convenience and performance of the Samsung smartphone, coupled with the fast, reliable data capture of Scandit’s camera-based scanning software.

Yet, even though the use of smartphones as tools for scanning is not a new concept – around 3,000,000 operatives already use smartphone scanning for workflows like Proof of Delivery – there are still many misconceptions surrounding its performance compared to dedicated devices. Here we look at the top five smartphone scanning myths and discover why they aren’t an issue with Samsung’s XCover Pro and Scandit.

1. Dedicated devices’ scan performance can’t be matched

On the contrary, in many cases the XCover Pro outperforms dedicated handheld devices with up to 40% greater scan range and greater scanning speed.

2. Battery power and performance can’t last a shift

A powerful 4000mAh battery is comparable to that of the Honeywell CT60, allowing long life and great performance. In fact, the average number of scans per charge is 12,760, more than 6 times the average daily scan of around 2,000.

Pogo pins make it convenient to drop the XCover Pro into the dock and charge while on the move and, should you need it, the removable battery can be replaced with a spare, mid shift.

3. Smartphones can’t be rugged

The XCover Pro has been safely drop tested at 1.5m, more than enough to withstand a fall from a pocket or parked vehicle. Its IP68 rating means it is suitably sealed to protect from dust and water, and works well in wet conditions. Operation has been proven at temperatures ranging from -4 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and at heights of up to 15,000 ft.

4. Smartphones are less comfortable and ergonomic to use

Most of us are very comfortable holding a smartphone and the XCover Pro is no different. The widescreen 6.4in display is larger than that of the Zebra TC 52, providing plenty of room to collect customer signatures and display documents whenever required.

The smartphone can be used while hands are gloved and wet touch is supported too, so that cold, rain or snow won’t interrupt productivity. The function of the Hot Button, typically configured as a push-to-scan fits the natural position of the hand. This can be reconfigured if required.

A scan range greater than that of most dedicated devices means there is less requirement for bending down or stretching up to reach barcodes.

5. Smartphones are not secure and ready for enterprise deployment

Thanks to Samsung’s built-in defense-grade mobile security platform, Knox, every XCover Pro is protected against intrusion and malware. Security features such as facial recognition and fingerprint access provide additional peace of mind, as does extended security support, which includes a four-year security maintenance release, guaranteeing security patch updates and protection from mobile security threats.

These safeguards can be used in conjunction with cloud-based storage to protect against theft or loss.

One high-performing smartphone for multiple tasks

When it comes to frontline operations, there should be no compromise when scanning needs to be completed quickly, reliably and often in challenging environments, for example in bad light, excessive heat or cold, wet or humid weather.

Plus, the current trend for device convergence also dictates that camera, radio, phone, barcode scanner and computer are all rolled together into one device to provide the ultimate in convenience. The Samsung XCover Pro provides all of these capabilities, along with a rugged, ergonomic, stylish design, at less than 10mm thick and weighing just 179g.

Workers are happy to carry around this compact, multifunction device all day, and with an outstanding camera, excellent CPU and superb GPU, employers are happy for them to do so, safe in the knowledge that all data collection, including barcodes, QR codes and ID scanning, is swift and accurate.

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to Phil Lander, Samsung’s European B2B Director and Christian Floerkemeier, Co-Founder and CTO of Scandit, further quash the five myths in their recent webinar: Busting Smartphone-Scanning Myths with the Samsung XCover Pro. Illustrated with a case study from Hermes, the UK’s largest parcel delivery company, which currently uses 12,500 Samsung XCover Pro devices to utilize barcoding scanning and AR from Scandit.

Also our live Q&A session: Busting Smartphone Scanning Myths provides extra insight into the use of Samsung’s XCover Pro and Scandit smartphone scanning.