Get Ready for Mobile World Congress 2013! Tips for Attendees

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Get Ready for Mobile World Congress 2013! Tips for Attendees


Well time is flying. Another year has passed and it’s time for yet another Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! This year’s event runs from Monday February 25th through Thursday February 28th. For those of you who won’t be able to make it to Barcelona, be sure to check out the live stream.

For attendees we’ve assembled a short list of tips to help you along your journey:

Check the Exhibitor List

Wow! There are a ton of companies exhibiting at MWC, over 1500 in fact. If you plan on getting down to business when you get out there, it’s best to have a game plan. Take some time in advance and prepare a list of the companies you want to visit, and where they’re located. You’ll be happy you did!

Create a Personalized Schedule with the myMWC Tool

The folks over at Mobile World Congress have designed an excellent attendee tool which helps you keep track of your schedule throughout the week. myMWC will let you track the sessions you want to attend, bookmark the exhibitors you want to visit, and even let you search through other attendees information to find potential business opportunities.

Use Social Media to Connect with other MWC Attendees

The official Twitter hashtag for this year’s event is #MWC13. Twitter is likely to provide the inside scoop about what’s happening, or if you’re allergic to Twitter, check out Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ for attendee discussions. MWC has organized a great social media page to get you started.

Download the MWC App

If you’re on iOS, Android, Windows or any smartphone for that matter, there is a MWC app that can make your life easier. Download the app to tap you into your myMWC account, helpful schedules, venue maps and other useful information.

Check out the MWC Survival Guide for an In-Depth Overview

This guide, designed for first time attendees, covers everything from what items to bring to overcoming language barriers. It’s very comprehensive and will paint an accurate picture of what you’ll be dealing with in Barcelona.

And last of all, have fun on your journey!