How Does Mobile Proof of Delivery Work?

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Proof of delivery (PoD) is an essential process for verifying that customers receive the parcels they order. More importantly, this process prevents potential consumer disputes while meeting the growing need for delivery transparency. As the delivery market expands, more and more customers are demanding detailed information on when and how their deliveries are completed. But despite its importance, many logistics companies view PoD as an expensive, unmanageable necessity. Fortunately, with the right tools and processes, proof of delivery can be agile, cost-effective and convenient for both parties.

Mobile proof of delivery is quickly changing the way logistics organizations approach delivery verification. By using handheld devices, your delivery drivers can capture proof of delivery digitally, eliminating paperwork, mitigating human errors and increasing the total productivity of your workforce. However, that’s not to say that all mobile PoD solutions will deliver the same results for your business.  To ensure you choose the right technology for your enterprise, we’re going to give you a rundown on how mobile proof of delivery works—and what you should look for in a mobile PoD solution.

A Recap of Mobile Proof of Delivery

There are three primary ways to capture proof of delivery digitally, and each approach involves a different process. Here’s a brief explanation of each:

Paper Delivery Note Scanning: Delivery drivers carry and collect paper delivery notes (listing the description and quantity of goods delivered, as well as the buyer’s signature). These notes are processed at the end of each workday when the drivers return.

Traditional Handheld Scanners: Delivery drivers are trained on and equipped with dedicated mobile barcode scanners. These handheld devices are used to capture electronic signatures and scan parcel barcodes for proof of delivery.

Mobile Computer Vision-Enabled Smart Devices: Delivery drivers use modern smart devices (such as smartphones or tablets) augmented with barcode scanning capabilities via proof of delivery apps. These mobile devices capture customer signatures and scan parcel barcodes for proof of delivery.

Finding the Right Mobile PoD Solution

Scanning paper delivery notes is the most straightforward approach on this list. However, it doesn’t address one of the core issues of conventional PoD capture: tedious paperwork clogging up your operations. That’s why many leading logistics companies elect to invest in mobile barcode scanners for PoD. And while dedicated handheld scanners create an efficient workflow for your delivery staff, they’re also incredibly expensive to purchase and maintain. High-quality barcode scanners usually range from around 2,000 to 4,000 dollars per unit, and that’s before you invest in the backend system required to operate them. The silver lining here is that dedicated scanners tend to last several years before breaking down, but that’s a small consolation considering how much it costs to get them up and running in the first place.

So, that leaves us with augmented smart devices for mobile PoD. At first glance, you might be hesitant to even consider this solution. After all, smartphones and tablets can’t possibly deliver the same scanning performance as dedicated scanning machines, right? Wrong. Even the most basic modern smart devices have powerful image capture capabilities. With the right mobile data capture technology supporting them, smartphones and tablets can be transformed into enterprise-grade barcode scanners that instantaneously capture proof of delivery. And while developing a mobile barcode scanning app might sound intimidating, there are streamlined platforms you can leverage to build and deploy your own data capture application in as little as thirty minutes.

The Benefits of Smart Device-Based PoD

Unlike traditional mobile barcode scanners, augmented smart devices are intuitive and cost-effective mobile PoD solutions. Because most delivery drivers use smart devices in their daily lives, they’re already familiar with how to operate these tools—resulting in faster and smoother adoption. In fact, some logistics companies leveraging these mobile PoD tools adopt a “bring your own device” policy, allowing delivery drivers to use their own smartphones to complete proof of delivery tasks.

Smart devices can deliver the same scanning capabilities of dedicated scanners at a fraction of the cost. And while they typically don’t last as long as traditional scanners, mobile barcode scanning-enabled smart devices are much cheaper to replace. Sven Poppelman, CTO of Farmdrop, a UK-based grocery and fresh food delivery company that uses the Scandit solution for their mobile proof of delivery processes, said, “the smartphone is so inexpensive that it’s effectively free to replace if the driver loses or breaks it.”

Robust scanning capabilities aren’t the only benefit smart device-based scanners bring to your enterprise. Delivery drivers can use their mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices to determine and execute the best delivery routes via GPS navigation, increasing productivity and profitability. Your team can utilize smart devices to track products, plan itineraries, quickly find the correct parcels and assess their condition via barcode scanning, lending speed and simplicity to your proof of delivery process. No paperwork, no complex backend systems—just fast and reliable results.

Scandit’s Mobile Proof of Delivery Solution

Our Mobile Proof of Delivery (PoD) Solution is designed to consolidate the dedicated devices your team uses to manage deliveries into a single mobile app that’s accessible from any smart device. Our leading-edge data capture technology makes it easy for delivery drivers to capture PoD and document missing or damaged shipments through modern smart devices. This solution also includes streamlined workflows that incorporate into your current delivery systems effortlessly, mitigating paperwork and errors while bolstering workforce productivity. In short, if you’re looking to take the stress out of your PoD operations, reduce labor costs and optimize your delivery operations, then our Mobile Proof of Delivery Solution is a natural fit for your organization.

Make Mobile PoD Effortless With Scandit

Ready to learn more about how Scandit technology can refine your proof of delivery processes? Then be sure to reach out to us today. You can also connect with us for more information on proof of delivery apps, the capabilities of modern smart devices, and mobile proof of delivery software in general. We can’t wait to hear from you.