Introducing Scandit Flow: A Flexible Alternative to Custom Mobile Solutions

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We’re excited to introduce our latest barcode scanning solution for the enterprise: Flow. Our newest solution provides enterprises with a flexible, software-based alternative to dedicated barcode scanners that is designed to reduce software development costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) while avoiding the high price of up-front hardware investments associated with traditional scanners.

Scandit Flow is a cloud-based mobile app (for iOS and Android) and customizable platform designed to fit any enterprise barcode scanning scenario. The dynamic solution lets you set-up common barcode scanning workflows quickly, access our web dashboard for simple user and device management and customize your own workflows using JavaScript.

The Flow platform is also the basis of our enterprise mobile solutions — such as Order Entry, Proof of Delivery and Asset Management — designed for rapid deployment to meet the needs of specific use cases.

The Flexible, Web-Configurable App to Support All Your Barcode Scanning Workflows

Scandit Flow is a web-configurable app for iOS and Android that supports a wide variety of common barcode scanning workflows. Its patented barcode scanning technology provides high performance, speed and accuracy in a variety of adverse scanning conditions. Get going quickly using our out-of-the-box workflows or write JavaScript to enable custom workflows and integrations with existing IT systems — all leveraging our back-end cloud services.  

Fast to Make Changes. Fast to Deploy. 

Scandit’s backend cloud services speed up development and deployment with built-in user, device and team management through our web dashboard. Our services allow immediate field testing and mobile device management—making software updates quick and easy to push to your mobile workforce.

Replace Dedicated Scanners and Embrace Enterprise Mobility

Scandit Flow makes it easy to move from dedicated scanners or WindowsCE devices while significantly reducing the upfront investment in hardware and software. It can be your Asset Tracking App, your Inventory Management App, your Field Service App and much more.

Explore the possibilities. To learn more about the Scandit Flow,
download the app for
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