Self-Checkout Apps Drive Efficiency and Increase Brand Loyalty

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Recently, an article in European Supermarket Magazine discussed the impact of self-checkout apps for smartphones on European supermarkets. Their findings suggest that self-checkout apps are improving the shopping experience by driving efficiency in-store and increasing brand loyalty for retail chains across Europe. This isn’t surprising, but it’s encouraging for retailers who are just starting to embrace the omnichannel retail strategy.

Self-checkout apps for mobile devices help retailers encourage customers to use self-checkout devices in-store without having to invest in the traditional hardware to do so. This frees up valuable store real estate, and saves overhead while empowering customers to take control of their shopping experience. It also increases the speed at which customers can shop, allowing retail chains to process customers more efficiently.

Self-checkout apps are beneficial for the shopper as well. These apps empower customers to skip lines by utilizing in-store self-scanning and check-out with their phone in one simple step. This saves them time, and if partnered with a shopping list feature, can greatly increase their efficiency and in-store shopping experience.

These applications are quickly being adopted as part of omnichannel retail strategies across Europe and in the United States. By creating mobile apps for retail stores, retailers can provide more touch-points for shoppers to interact with their brand. This helps increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty over time, which keeps them coming back again and again.