Why Enhancing Remote Customer Assistance is a Smart Way to Track Assets and Boost Satisfaction


With 88% of companies restricting or eliminating onsite deployments (TSIA), the field service industry has to adapt quickly amidst the unfolding COVID-19 crisis. Greater demand is being placed on individual businesses to provide customers with safe and prompt responses to their immediate needs. And longer-term, customer loyalty is likely to be placed where companies have redefined services that provide enhanced remote customer assistance, and friction-free self-service with easy-to-use digital tools.

In return, field service companies will benefit enormously from the superior data capture such digitals tools facilitate. A greater connected service through real-time data tracks assets anywhere and anytime, saving money and time across the full field service management cycle.

One cost-effective and immediate way of deploying effective digital tools is smartphone-based scanning technology. This infographic summarizes the main reasons why:

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