Meet Ivelina in the Human Resources Team

Hi Ivelina, can you tell us what you were doing before you joined Scandit?
I was part of the Talent & Workplace teams at a successful SaaS Silicon Valley start-up, a leader in the customer experience management (CEM) field. I was based in London and responsible for candidate & employee experience for the London Office and the EMEA region.

So, what made you decide to join Scandit?
The first time I came across Scandit I loved the logo and the brand presentation – logo is one of the things you notice first (like a handshake when you meet someone) and that speaks a lot about a company. I was impressed by how evolved the product is for a company that is 9 years old and the fact that it is being upgraded every other month. Not to mention that all three co-founders are tech enthusiasts and have a Ph.D.s from ETH Zurich (how impressive that is!) – and I thought that’s inspiring and a formula for success and I wanted to be part of it!

Tell us what you do on a day to day basis?
I make sure all recruitment processes are timely and smooth both for candidates and hiring managers – I am involved from the moment a candidate applies for a role to the moment they are hired and onboarded. I am responsible for and passionate about candidate experience and I am always looking for ways to improve. I am based in the London office and also take care of the well-being of the team here.

What impact does your role have in the overall business?
As part of the talent team, I hope I am contributing by spreading the word about Scandit, bringing the best people to join us while sustaining our culture, creating an exceptional candidate & onboarding experience and nurturing a community, locally and globally.

That all sounds exciting, but what do you like most about your role?
I love the role as it’s very diverse and dynamic – no two days are like each other! Priorities change often and that puts me in a space where I need to problem-solve and learn new things which is amazing! I also like the fact that I collaborate with all teams and have the chance to learn more about how a business is run.

What type of team do you work with?
We are a small, international and fun talent team.

What excites you about the journey you are on with Scandit?
A few things – that we have a great innovative product, that everyone on the team is as invested in the success of the business as if it is their own, that I have the opportunity to see Scandit grow and contribute to this growth.

You’re based in London, what’s the atmosphere like in your office?
We are currently based at a WeWork office here in London – always buzzy!

What ‘fun stuff’ goes on at Scandit?
Grabbing a beer after our weekly Scannect meetings on Thursday afternoons. An opportunity to cross-team chat onsite and remotely.

Tell us what you think of the founders?
The founders are an interesting trio – united around the same goal and complementing each other in a great way that has been successful. Very dedicated, forward-thinking, grounded individuals that are passionate about innovation in barcode scanning and bringing the best product forward, business savvy and dynamic.

It’s been interesting finding out more about life at Scandit. What else do you enjoy?
I enjoy self-discovery through meeting other people, open sunny spaces (rooftops!), sports and board games, random acts of kindness.

What has been your biggest learning curve since joining Scandit?
Double check everything 😉