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  • How inexpensive smart devices equipped with visual, intuitive solutions reduce operations costs with little user training.
  • Why the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan and use AR overlays to access real-time passenger and flight operations data is critical for process improvement.
  • How to improve customer experience by providing real-time flight information throughout the journey.
Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a Time

Cut costs, fast track air travel operations and make life better for air travel passengers with mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality (AR).

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Alaska Airlines - Case study

Customer service agents now use iPad mini with Scandit software to quickly and accurately scan a variety of passenger and crew documents. Agents perform critical processes such as flight check-in, checked bags, seat changes, standby seat assignments, and passport and boarding pass verification, 20% faster than their previous scanning solution.

Make All Air Travel First Class

On the ground or onboard the flight, transform airline operations and customer experience with Scandit’s market-leading computer vision and augmented reality (AR). Learn how.

Scandit Is Reinventing Barcode Scanning with Mobile Computer Vision Capture - Industry Report

IDC explains how Scandit can help air travel operators optimize processes such as mobile ID and boarding pass scanning, baggage tracking, and inventory management. Learn the business case for replacing or augmenting dedicated scanning devices to cut total cost of ownership, reduce user training requirements, and ensure a more efficient air travel experience.