Cost-effective Digital Transformation of Last Mile Delivery

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  • How inexpensive smart devices equipped with visual, intuitive solutions reduce Last Mile delivery costs with little user training.
  • Why the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan and use AR overlays to access real-time sorting and delivery data is critical for process improvement.
  • How to improve traceability and accuracy, shorten delivery times, and facilitate return processes.
Whitepaper - Mobile Computer Vision in the Post and Parcel Industry

High-performance barcode scanning software transforms low-cost smart devices to drive efficiency and create the flexibility.

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DPD Russia - Case Study

With the heightened scan speed and accuracy provided by Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, DPD Russia has achieved genuine real-time transparency in tracking the movement and precise location of parcels throughout the delivery process.

Hermes UK - Case study

Hermes UK lowers Last Mile delivery costs with Scandit software solution.

NACEX - Case Study

NACEX streamlines Last Mile workflows with Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK and Augmented Reality feedback.