Expert Panel Debate: Fashion Boom or Doom

Is your fashion store relevant in 2022? Featuring retail futurist Kate Ancketill

Deep Dive into the Future of Fashion Stores in this Panel Debate

Watch three experts explore the future of in-store fashion, highlighting key consumer and technology trends that will separate the success stories from the unfashionable.

Check out for a preview of Scandit’s new primary research into fashion stores and also to see how innovative brands are using technology to adapt with evolving market conditions and consumer behaviours.

What you’ll see:
  • Insights from industry expert Kate Ancketill as she looks ahead to 2022 – what should you really focus on?
  • Real examples of brands leading the way, from new store concepts to Retail-as-a-Service centres to ‘near me’ retail and more.
  • A preview of Scandit’s new global fashion retail research into consumers and leading retailers across Europe.
Featured speakers:


Kate Ancketill

Retail Futurist and CEO and Founder of GDR.


Jessica Grisolia

Head of Industry Retail Solutions, Scandit


Andrew Getter

Retail GTM Lead, EMEA, Scandit