Why it’s Time for Mobile Self-Scanning

Retailers Explore Demand for Contactless, Mobile Self-Scanning Technology

Today, retailers need to provide cleaner, safer shopping environments. Big box grocers and essential goods retailers with mobile self-scanning solutions deployed have seen a huge growth in uptake.

It’s both a safety precaution that helps keep customers and employees safe, and a competitive advantage. And those who don’t currently offer mobile self-scanning are now seriously thinking about how to address it.

But there’s so much more to mobile self-scanning than COVID-19, and with the right knowledge, it’s within reach for retailers at every level to leverage contactless as an opportunity to fast track their larger omni-channel strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How mobile self-scanning offers cleaner, safer, low-contact shopping solutions amidst COVID-19
  • How perceived barriers to mobile self-scanning – from lack of in-house resources to shrinkage concerns – can be overcome by retailers of any size
  • More about some of the proven benefits you might not be aware of – from impact on basket size to gaining new insights into your consumer base
  • Why it’s quicker to deploy mobile self-scanning technology than you think – it can be done in less than 90 days
  • Why mobile self-scanning technology is here to stay beyond the pandemic – it’s a short term solution with long term potential

Troy Stelzer - Xenia


Troy Stelzer

CEO, Xenia

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Christian Floerkemeier

CTO and VP Product, Scandit