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Learn how mobile barcode scanning can transform your business.

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management with computer vision-enabled mobile devices enables enterprises to easily keep track of equipment and other items, helping users to make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

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  • scan product barcode In-Store Order Picking

    Use Scandit software-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality to optimize the order picking process.

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  • Higher Revenues with Scandit Mobile POS

    Scandit computer vision enables retailers to provide employees with smart device-based enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality and create a robust, reliable Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) process.

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  • scan barcode from vegetable Mobile Self-Scanning

    Customers can use a computer vision-enabled self-scanning app to add products to a virtual and physical cart and pay for their order, speeding up the checkout process and saving valuable front-of-store space.

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  • Mobile Shopping with Scandit mShopping

    Smartphone-based barcode scanning makes it easy for customers to interact with products in or out of the store and enables them to connect digitally with your enterprise at any time, driving more engaging and rewarding shopping experiences.

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  • scan barcode from cut bottom Order Entry

    Mobile Order Entry gives buyers access to important product information, enables quick and easy ordering, and turns smartphones into decision-making tools that help them to do their jobs faster and more effectively — from wherever they are.

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  • scandit mobile proof of delivery Proof of Delivery

    Scandit’s advanced data capture technology, along with built-in device cameras enable staff to instantly capture proof of delivery and document damaged or missing shipments.

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  • worker scans package Shipping and Receiving

    Develop a computer vision-enabled mobile app to enable your employees to use smartphones to complete shipping & receiving tasks more quickly and with far fewer errors.

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  • worker presenting product Smart Device-Based Clienteling

    Our mobile data capture solution supports clienteling by giving sales associates real-time access to product and customer data, paving the way for superior service.

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  • woman scanning products Stock Taking & Inventory Management

    Create more efficient stock taking and inventory management workflows with Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology.

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  • worker using smartphone Track and Trace

    Camera-equipped mobile devices powered by Scandit computer vision software deliver optimized track and trace solutions for supply chain management.

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  • VIN code VIN Scanning

    Use a Scandit mobile computer vision solution to enable fast vehicle identification with mobile devices, drones, robots, and wearables.

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