Improve Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Field Service

Field Service Explained

Scan Equipment in the Field

Easily repair equipment such as refrigerator, a satellite dish or a water heater by scanning a barcode with a mobile device.

Locate and Order Parts

Simplify maintenance and drive efficiency in the field by searching for and ordering replacement parts in-app.

Monitor Equipment and Staff

Efficiently monitor the movement of equipment and field service technicians by tracking in-app interactions.

Business Impact

Satisfy Customers

By quickly retrieving information while servicing equipment in the field, your employees will be able to better serve your customers.

Quicker Maintenance Cycles

By streamlining parts location and ordering you can significantly speed up your maintenance cycles .

Enhance Business Intelligence

With built-in tracking, benefit from enhanced visibility into the status and location of your assets and cases.

Scandit Products for Field Service

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning into your mobile field service app using our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Are you a developer?

Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional scanning experience without the need for additional electronic components, all while protecting your smartphone using our new, ergonomic accessory.

Ara Mkrtchyan

Business Process Manager at Selecta Management AG

By turning tablets into enterprise-grade data capture tools, we were able to improve efficiency in the field without having to invest in more expensive, dedicated scanning devices. Integrating Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK helped us keep our hardware costs down and improve the workflows of our field technicians.

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