Take Legacy Barcode Scanning Solutions into the Future.

Build mobile data capture apps to improve retail marketing and operations.

“”Scandit’s SDK offered the fastest barcode scanning speed and best performance of all options Coop tested.”

— Manuel Wegmueller, Self-Scanning Systems Manager at Coop Switzerland

Put Modern Technology to Work

Smart phones, drones, wearables, and robots equipped with augmented reality and image recognition capabilities are creating a new intelligence layer in the retail enterprise. Inexpensive, powerful cameras can turn any device into a data capture tool. When you feed the data into cloud services that can listen, learn and predict, you gain critical business insights.

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Complete Integration with Your Existing Infrastructure

Use Scandit to rapidly build robust scanning and data capture solutions quickly on a single platform. No matter what your current system/infrastructure looks like, Scandit provides the right integration path to add the right mobile data capture solution.


Connect Every Worker for Less

Inexpensive smart devices are the best way to turn a brick-and-mortar store into an experiential customer destination. Replace traditional devices or build a new smart device-based scanning system for a total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 5x lower than traditional scanners. Use the link below to learn what it takes to deploy mobile data capture technology in your enterprise.

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Build and deploy scanning applications fast and easily.

“SBB has been pleasantly surprised and highly satisfied with the overall scan performance of Scandit’s solution. Software updates are now incredibly easy to make.”

— Conradin Lietha, Project Manager SBB

It is time to take the next step.