Connect Your Employees and Customers to Your Store.

Scandit redefines the retail enterprise.

Scandit redefines the retail enterprise.

“The appeal of consumer devices lies not only in their lower upfront adoption cost but also the significantly superior user experiences and improved industrial design delivered on these devices.”

— VDC Research

Meet the Ever-changing Demands of Your Multichannel Customer

The role of the traditional store continues to change at a rapid pace, transformed into a showroom, a mini-warehouse for deliveries and a place to return unwanted items. New processes need to be implemented quickly and efficiently to keep up with these shifts in the retail industry, necessitating the use of highly adaptable scanning technology. Scandit is powering mobile devices with barcode scanning software to provide a powerful foundation for your company, ensuring a swift transition for your stores into the digital age—and beyond.

In the Back Room or in the Shop Aisles, Mobile Data Capture Technology Transforms Your Business

Armed with just smart devices, retail store associates can receive and record entire pallets of stock with one scan. Mobile retail scanner devices also enable associates to search and find specific SKUs, and achieve high-performance batch scanning at speeds 3x faster than traditional scanning. On the retail floor, smart devices can constantly monitor shelf stock and ensure in-time product re-ordering, reducing errors and dramatically cutting labor and hardware costs in the process.

Mobile Data Capture: Operational Considerations

The stringent demands of today’s retail operations threaten to overwhelm legacy store systems and data capture solutions alike. And like a vast majority of modern retailers, your scanning hardware and software is expensive and outdated. To compete today, you need to break free from your dependence on dedicated hardware and create flexible data capture solutions that dedicated employees, a temporary workforce and even customers can easily use with just a smartphone.

Great scan performance and ease-of-use drive successful operations.

“SBB has been pleasantly surprised and highly satisfied with the overall scan performance of Scandit’s solution. Software updates are now incredibly easy to make.”

— Conradin Lietha, Project Manager SBB

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